About Me


Hi there! I’m Joey Eschner a Vienna based 3D artist and 2D designer. While I have specialised in architectural visualisation, I’m also doing all different kinds of 3D art ranging from artsy still images all the way to short animations or VR tours of my creations. Here on my website you can find all my previous work and there is more to come: In the near future you’ll also see me sharing some Blender tips and tricks in short tutorials.
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Joey Eschner


Some 3D stuff I do:

  • Architectural visualisation
  • Product visualisation
  • VR tours
  • 360° videos

In 2D I mainly do:

  • Logo design
  • Vector graphics



For all my 3D work, as well as some 2D design and motion graphics I use the open source software Blender. Since I started using Blender in 2009 I have built my whole workflow around this software.

For 2D image manipulation I mainly use Photoshop as well as Inkscape for vector graphics.


Got a job for me?

If you want to hire me for your project, you can do so here. Want something that’s not in my skills list above? – Contact me anyway, I’m sure we can work something out.