City Tower


A personal project of mine with the goal of creating an urban night-time/evening environment. The building featured in the render is called City Tower Vienna. It is located in the 3rd district of Vienna, close to the city center.

Designed by the architect duo Ortner & Ortner this 24 story building is one of the most iconic high-rise office towers in Vienna.

All the modelling for this project was done in Blender 3D. While modelling I tried to reuse as many parts of the building as possible, which resulted in only a minimal amount of principal modelling followed by a series of array modifiers.

After rendering it with Cycles, I applied some minor post-processing in Photoshop.

Apart from the tower itself I also modeled the surrounding buildings and a tram driving by the building . The tram is a fully rigged low poly model based on the Vienna’s ULF tramway. In the picture below you can see an extra render I did of the tramway whizzing by the City Tower.

ulf tramway in front of city tower
ULF tramway in front of City Tower

This detail render actually took longer to render than the one of the main building, mainly because of the motion blur. Even though the tram model was not intended for a close-up render, it still does pretty well in this render.